Mexssub founders CEO Jesus Silva and CTO Arturo Cajiga saw an opportunity to solve a chief offshore oil and gas problem more than 30 years ago. Offshore production field risers around Mexico were experiencing expedited corrosion at the splash zone, and the market offered no quality solution, let alone a permanent one.

In 1982, research and development got underway for the Mexssub Sleeve System and the Mexssub Habitat System. Four years later, the unique technology was demonstrated to Pemex, showing its ability to permanently protect the risers and to be installed without suspending production.

The Mexican Petroleum Institute certified the technology in 1987 to initiate field repairs. To date, Mexssub has made more than 900 pipeline preservation applications worldwide sustaining a perfect track record, establishing itself as a highly valuable and precise solution to an industry-wide problem.

The Mexssub Sleeve System offers four full-spectrum preventative applications with an over-diameter sleeve serving as the only Det Norske Veritas-certified permanent repair for damaged subsea oil and gas pipelines. Through its chemical and mechanical properties, the Mexssub Sleeve System stops further corrosion and restores the mechanical integrity of the pipeline.

The Mexssub Habitat System provides a controlled environment for Mexssub’s world-class divers and welders for corrective installations of the Mexssub Sleeve System to live pipelines, applying a permanent repair without suspending production. To date, the Mexssub Habitat System technology has save our clients more than $4 billion in continued-production during the repair process alone.

Houston-based Mexssub employs a tightly-knit group of highly-experienced professionals and independent contractors across the globe to service some of the biggest names in oil and gas, including ExxonMobil, Pemex, and Shell. Mexssub holds strategic partnerships worldwide, including the WorleyParson Group offshore engineering consultancy, INTECSEA.