Jesus Silva

Chief Executive Officer

Jesus Silva serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Mexssub. For 34 years, Mr. Silva has overseen the strategic direction of Mexssub's operations across the globe. His 46 years of industry experience include multiple executive roles in securing oil and gas projects worth more than $2.5 billion USD. He holds a mechanical engineering degree from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, and spends his leisure time skiing and enjoying time with his family. "I don't take myself too seriously. I value perserverance and loyalty, and hope I have been a good friend, father and husband.”

Arturo Cajiga

Chief Technology Officer

Arturo Cajiga serves as the Chief Technology Officer for Mexssub. As a partner and co-founder, Mr. Cajiga has overseen the research and patent development of new technologies and headed the creation of the Mexssub Sleeve System and Mexssub Flexible Habitat, as well as the rigid habitat for swamp systems and horizontal subsea lines. His 40 years of industry experience include a variety of operational and executive roles, also playing a central role in securing over $2.5 billion in oil and gas projects. He holds a degree in architecture and design from the Universidad Anahuac. In his spare time, Mr. Cajiga hits the slopes and greens, or the occasional sailing trip with his family. “I believe in having fun, hard work, honesty and friendship.”

Franco Silva

Vice President

Franco Silva serves as the Vice President for Mexssub. Mr. Silva oversees the strategic development of the business, both internally and externally. He holds a degree in psychology and entrepreneurship from Tufts University, from which he graduated Magna Cum Laude. Out of college, he founded a socially centered athletic brand called Kizazi, where he continues to feed his lifelong love for soccer whilst leveraging the industry to fight world poverty. The entrepreneur enjoys public speaking, world travel, and business development. “I seek a life outside of the comfort zone, believing that the unknown generates the creativity and design necessary to create progress. This mentality motivates me day to day, and with it, I thoroughly enjoy my work.”

Xavier Arnau

Industrial Production Manager

Xavier Arnau serves as the Industrial Production Manager for Mexssub. For 30 years, Mr. Arnau has overseen the design, engineering and quality control for the Mexssub Flexible Habitat and other manufacturing efforts. He holds a bachlor degree in industrial design from Universidad Anahuac, an IPADE D1-A Diploma, an ITAM Diploma, and significant expertise in product certification with Det Norske Veritas (DNV). He enjoys spending time with his family, going on mountain biking trips, and has a passion for wood-working and furniture design. “Anything I do in life, I enjoy doing at 100%. I love challenges, both mentally and physically, such as participating in the BP MS 150 cycling challenge. My deepest experience come from my years in the field installing the Mexssub Sleeve Systems, a space of work that I thoroughly enjoy.”

Juan Ramón Martinez

Regional Manager - Mexico

Juan Ramón Martinez serves as the Regional Manager in Mexico for Mexssub. Mr. Martinez leads business development strategies in the region, sustaining a 30-year relationship with Pemex and continuously evaluating and executing new opportunities for growth. With degrees in accounting and finance, and an MBA from the IPADE Business School in Mexico, he moves our regional development forward with great experience and vision. Outside of work Mr. Martinez enjoys traveling with his family and participating in physically demanding activities.

Alfredo Morales

Regional Sales Manager - Mexico

Alfredo Morales serves as the Regional Sales Manager in Mexico for Mexssub. Dr. Morales, with his extensive technical understanding, leads Mexssub’s relationship with regional clients in meeting their riser and pipeline integrity needs. With 25 years of experience in the company, including hundreds of projects in his track record, Dr. Morales expertly demonstrates the significant technical and financial value of the Mexssub systems across a wide array of situations. Dr. Morales spends his time outside of work fishing and enjoying quality moments with his family.