Career Opportunities

Position: Product Development Engineer

Position Summary:

The Product Development Engineer “PDE” will join the team to bolster Mexssub’s competitive positioning in the international market.  Specifically, the PDE will bridge the gap between the company’s business objectives and it’s technical offering and capabilities. This cross-disciplinary position will require great adaptability, communication skills, teamwork, and a strong interplay between business and engineering concepts. 

Core Responsibilities:

  • Innovation Proposal Development:  After the Business Development department identifies a market need, the PDE must support in the preparation of a presentation covering the opportunity, benefits, costs, and risks associated with pursuing a certain innovation.  This presentation will be made directly to the shareholders for approval or rejection of the product development.
  • Design: Utilize Solidworks in order to design 3D models of approved concepts and begin to test performance virtually.  In this stage, the PDE will work closely with other company engineers to optimize the product’s proposed design.
  • Manufacturing and Testing: Operate machinery and employ manual craftsmanship in order to manufacture and test prototypes.
  • Product Protection:  Collaborate with the company’s legal department in order to implement the necessary Intellectual Property protection measures, such as new product copyrights, design patents, and utility patents.
  • Product Marketing:  The PDE must collaborate closely with Mexssub’s sales and marketing departments in order to promote new developments to the industry.  New product introductions require significant technical explanations which the PDE will be responsible for clarifying to technical audiences in events, tradeshows, and directly with clients. 
  • Product Deployment:  The PDE must work closely with Mexssub’s operations department in order to ensure the safe utilization of new products in the field.  This relates in particular to ensuring that new products are used within their design parameters, and that those conditions are communicated clearly throughout the company and to involved third parties.
  • Product Quality and Safety:  The PDE must collaborate with the QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment) department to ensure that new product designs meet industry and company norms and standards.


Must have one (1) year of related work experience in product development, to include the following: 1 year of Product-Market Fit experience in the development of business strategies and market analyses as the core pillars for tactical product development; 1 year of Computer Aided Design (CAD) experience utilizing Solidworks in drawing item concepts and designing the necessary prototypes; 1 year of Manufacturing and Testing experience in utilizing machinery and equipment to manufacture product prototypes and using the necessary methods for testing the equipment for relevant parameters prior to market release; and 1 year of Patent preparation experience in developing utility and/or design patents in order to protect new product designs.

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